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Wood Icing has been selected for Workbench Magazine


Our Raised "Pear" Design was featured in the April 2007 Issue of Workbench.
Click here to watch the "Pear" video demonstration, courtesy of Workbench.

Wood Icing student Kelle Collins, completed this project for Workbench.
Kelle Collins
Faux Finish and Decorative Painting
Clive, Iowa
Phone 515-988-7202
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"Iris" Dresser/Buffet Demonstration

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This dresser was purchased for $10.00 at a flea market and was transformed to a work of art.
Clean up is with soap and water. Odors and fumes are minimal.

Repair any damaged surfaces and remove loose particles. Remove all hardware. Roughly sand the surface. After sanding we check our surface using the “tape test”. Since the existing paint is easily removed with a piece of tape, even after sanding, it tells us this piece should be primed prior to the base coat, in order to insure a solid finish.

After the primer has dried, apply a base cost. Once the base coat is dry apply Textura Paste using a trowel or spatula. We recommend our spatula found in our On-Line Store. Lay the Grid stencil in place, along an edge. Press the grid onto the paste with a light trowel. A light spray of water will allow a smoother surface. Remove the grid and reapply with overlapping onto the previous grid design in order to ensure a continuous pattern.

We wanted a cracked leather appearance on the edges of our piece, so we applied Fissure Size only to those areas prior to Textura Paste Application as you see in the photo above.

Once you have the Grid design applied in all the areas desired. Allow the Textura paste to dry to a hard crispy surface overnight. Sand over all the bumps and smooth over the edges with medium-grit sandpaper. Stain with a golden brown color, using water based or solvent based stain. Allow the stain to dry and then apply 1 barrier coat of polyurethane.

Since this particular piece had no space or brace between the two drawer fronts, we have placed the two drawer fronts together in order to achieve a continuous pattern with our design. We place our single overlay stencil using blue tape. Then we trowel though the stencil over our previous design. We have sliced through the design to separate our drawer fronts being careful not to disturb our design. Allow this to dry thoroughly then smooth over with a medium to fine grit sandpaper.

Touch up around the edges with the previous stain color then apply a lighter or contrasting color stain to the stencil design to accent the beautiful stenciled design. Once the stain is dry apply no less than 3 coats of durable satin polyurethane.

Another Way to Use Wood Icing™

You may even skip the base color & Fissure Size and simply trowel the Textura Paste straight onto bare wood through a stencil to give an intricate carved appearance to wood surfaces. Once it has been stained it is hard to tell the difference of real carved wood and a Wood Icing design.

Prepping the surface
· It is not necessary to strip old paint.
· Scrape away loose paint.
· Clean surface with a degreaser or de-glosser and rinse away residue. Allow drying.
· Scuff sand the surface to give tooth.

Prime the following surfaces with a primer for shiny surfaces. (Preferably water based primer)
· When working on plastic, melamine, Formica and metal.
· Unpainted pressed board.
· Surfaces with paint peeling.
· Any surface, with which adhesion is in question, apply a primer.
· If the possibility of color bleeding through from the previous paint color.

Base paint with an eggshell or low sheen satin after primer:
· Use dark colors for projects to be stained or glazed with dark colors
· Use light colors for projects to be stained or glazed a light to medium shade.
· For projects to be painted solid, the base color will not matter for the outcome.

Apply Texture Paste directly to the following surfaces:
· Unfinished wood
· Previously painted surfaces. (Clean & Scuff sand)

Wood Icing is for decorative purposes only.
It is not water resistant and is for indoor use only.
Do not apply to surfaces with continuous moisture or water spray.
Damage may occur from direct heat from sun or continual high temperatures.


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